Real Madrid in the second half of the campaign into a bitter struggle, the referee controversy again and again, in fact, the first giants can lead in the first 45 minutes, made more than two goals advantage, the game into their own track. However, Real Madrid 45 minutes before 13 shots, but exposed the problem of low efficiency in front of the door, C Luo Benzema was opponents attack split isolated, to other teammates leave a gap, but Kawahar Cross and Ramos repeatedly try to shoot, Not slightly biased is Neil sealed Derick Brassard Jersey, C Luo after the game also said: "The first half to create so many opportunities Martin St. Louis Jersey, should be the first goal. Terry officially announced that after the end of the season to leave Chelsea, the gaming company out of his career at the next round of the odds, the Chinese team to pay 5 odds ranked fifth. Terry played for Chelsea for 22 years, is the banner of Stamford Bridge. This season, Terry get the opportunity to play much, he finally decided to leave the team. Although Terry has been 36 years old, but the physical condition to maintain a good, after he and the Super League team came the scandal, including Shanghai Shenhua and so on. ?Ramos today ushered in the first half of the Champions League career Chris Summers Jersey, becoming the fourth team of Real Madrid, but the milestone is almost always a bizarre Oolong ball buried. Fortunately, Real Madrid captain good fight seven injured boxing Adam Graves Jersey, since the loss of eight hundred at the same time can also hurt the enemy a thousand, C Luojia race into the fate of the decision of the ball, it is Ramos sent a fine assists to complete a self-salvation hit.