Opening only 3 minutes, the young duck team to break the door of the flame team, defender Monter struggling to grab the opportunity to grab the team for the team, two groups of right-wing Hilversberg small angle volley Kevin Porter Jersey, flame goalkeeper Elliot appeared fatal mistakes, Did not block the angle, give the duck 1-0 lead. Ricky also said that the key game is to strive to compete, but to have degrees, as the team did in the first battle. "The two teams have had some grievances, and we felt this in yesterday's game, but we did a good job and we had to keep it in the second game, which was the way we played, put pressure on our opponents, , Dribbling to the door and then hope good things happen. Brown bear forward David - Kreiqi did not play the first round of the second round of the East team against the Senate game Trevor Daley Jersey. Kreiqi played 82 games this season, but in the summer brown bear 3-1 win the first game before suffering from upper limb injuries. "It's not good at the moment," he said. "I'm hoping he will be able to rejoin Mark Recchi Jersey, but it will not work right now, and it's going to be difficult to play without him Christian Ehrhoff Jersey." We certainly hope that he will come back as soon as possible, but the situation is not optimistic.