Behind the Black Hawk team began to fight back, captain Taifu Si shot hit the post Phil Kessel Jersey. Black Hawk's massive attack to the rear of the team a vacuum, predators four groups forward Smith ball made a beautiful turn action, his cross in front of the black hawk created a mess, Arburg and Xisen Si continuous shot will The score is expanded to 3-0. In the third quarter, the Black Hawk began to deploy troops Steve Downie Jersey, trying to find the way to break the predators goalkeeper Rene, but the predators firmly occupy the field initiative, the first 13 minutes Bryan Trottier Jersey, a group of center Ju Hansen to seize the Black Hawk guard Campbell Mistakes and then the next city, Fira scored a goal for the team locked 5-0 victory, Rene made 30 saves to win the second finished Letang Jersey, become the team's biggest hero. Maple Guardian Zaytsev may miss the first round of the second round of the East team against the capital of the game. It is reported that he was in this week's Maple Leaf 3-2 loss to the blue season in the final battle suffered upper limb injury, and yesterday's team 3-2 overtime in the first battle of Zaiti Fu and therefore no array. Maple Leaf coach Mike Babcock said today: "I do not expect him to come back, he did not have ice training today, I have to say today, but they do not care about my words.