Arsenio left to knock back, Marcelo low shot was Neuer confiscated. 83 minutes, Marcelo left cross, after the point Lucas - Basquez volleyball shot in the side net. The first 84 minutes, Arsenio left-wing break, Vidal flying shovel Derick Brassard Jersey, the referee to produce a second yellow card will be punished in Chile Nathan Gerbe Jersey, Bayern two rounds of players were sent off. Beidar Champions League career was sent off for the first time Cam Talbot Jersey, Bayern Champions League 19th eat red card, second only to Juventus 22 red card. Champions League 1/4 finals, C Luo career has scored 20 goals, the same row Champions League history first. The more the Champions League key events, C Lo outbreak frequency higher, the Champions League 1/4 finals, semi-finals plus final three stages, C Luo has scored 32 goals, tied Di Stefano, tied for history first, and the first Name Puskas only 17 balls, 4th of the Messi only 16 balls, 5th Eusebio 15 balls. In other words, C Lo in the Champions League 1/4 final after the key battle, the number of goals over Messi doubled. Overtime 105 minutes, Ramos pick the ball into the restricted area, C Luo restricted area after stopping the ball left foot shot, this ball to help Real Madrid 2-2 tied Bayern, two rounds of the total score of 4-3 lead, the Less play one of the Bundesliga giants trend has gone Michael Grabner Jersey. However, slow motion shows that in the Ramos pass, Bayern has made offside success, C Luo is in the offside position, the goal should be invalid.